Senior Prank Ideas

Because you only get one shot to make it memorable, it’s a wise move to look at as many senior prank ideas as possible before choosing one. After all, there are a lot of things to consider when figuring out a senior prank. It’s got to be (relatively) safe and can’t cross the line of vandalism. It has to thwart the best efforts of teachers and principals, who begin to watch like circling hawks for the slightest hint of senior pranks every spring. And, of course, it has to actually be funny—the lame ones are forgettable. These great senior prank ideas meet those criteria without letting things get too out of hand.

  1. The confetti prank. One of the steadfast rules for senior pranks is that they can’t cause real damage to school property, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t mess with it a little bit. One weekend, have your entire senior class tear up paper or go out and buy bunches of confetti. Then, all through the next week, hide it everywhere you can. Library books, teachers’ desks, lockers, between lunch trays—nothing is off limits. This senior prank idea works so well because it’s not just immediately annoying. If the confetti is well hidden, faculty will be occasionally confronted with this obnoxious surprise for months and even years to come.
  2. The locker prank. Most high schools have hallways lined with lockers and combination locks to keep their contents safe and secure. While you can’t bust into them for maximum senior prankage, you can mess with people’s access to it. Have every member of your senior class buy some Vaseline. On the day of your prank, choosing stealthily coat the lockers’ combination locks with the stuff. It doesn’t hurt the locks, but students will have a rough time trying to open them. Just be sure to skip the hallway filled with seniors’ lockers.
  3. The ice cup prank. This fiendishly clever senior prank idea requires lots of miniature Styrofoam cups and a few gallons of water. For the setup, fill a few hundred of the cups with water and freeze them. When the time’s right, sneak into an administrator office when no one’s around and place all of them on every surface in the place, right side up. By the time your victim walks in the ice will have melted and he’ll have no choice but to pick up and dump every single water-filled cup in the office.
  4. The mothball prank. While senior prank ideas often involve filthy stenches, the use of stuff like stink bombs and dead fish can land your classmates in hot water with the school’s administration. Moth balls, on the other hand, are easy to clean up and put out a powerful, recognizable scent wherever they’re placed. Get your classmates to grab several mothballs each and hide them in classrooms, hallways and bathrooms. They’ll technically be easy to pick up (saving you from any real trouble), but will also reek heavily as long as they’re there.  
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