Senior Project Ideas For Journalism

If you are an upcoming high school senior this fall, and love to write, the following are some senior project ideas for journalism. Whatever you decide for your senior project on journalism, it is vital that you possess the passion, conviction, and dedication to that particular area which you are documenting. If you do not, the reader will quickly become disengaged. Portraying your deeply rooted love for your senior project utilizing intense research and fusing it together with real life experience will convey your unique personality in your senior project and demonstrate your future potential as a writer. 


  1. Shadow a local reporter or journalist. Your interest in journalism might be comprised of sports, religion, outdoors, or even botany. Wherever the focus of interest lies, contact one of the local beat writers for that topic of coverage. See if he will allow you to shadow (stalk) him for the summer. Professionals, especially in the media field, are impressed with an aggressive attitude and a persistent demeanor. Why? Because, most likely, that is how they gained entry into the world of journalism.
  2. Apply to write for a volunteer panel. If your local newspaper contains a section of their paper for mere mortals of the community to share their opinions, obtain information on how to become a member of one these panels. This is a fabulous way to test your writing ability in terms of feedback. You can gauge your effectiveness as a potential journalist on how interesting, engaging, and thought provoking your content is that your produce.
  3. Travel to local sporting events in your community. If you want to become a sports writer, a fantastic senior project idea for journalism would be to follow your local or closest American Legion baseball team around the state as they compete. Talk to the players and coaches. Acquire their pre-game and post-game thoughts. What are they keys to a winning season or game? What are their favorite foods, movies or drinks?
  4. Cover the local summer festival in your area and document the weekend or day’s events. As an aspiring journalist, or just attempting to gain material for your senior project, it is vital you become visible and transparent within the venue of intended coverage. Find the main festival or event in your city, town, or village. Become the fly on the wall. Attend their planning meetings, both before and after the event takes place. At the festival, cover and document each main entity. Taste the food. Watch the mud volleyball. Talk to the contestants at the various events. You can be sure they would love to outline how fast they sheered the sheep THIS year!
  5. Become one with nature. If you dislike crowds, yet love to write, then a senior project concerning nature might be just the topic for you. If you live in an outdoor paradise, or close to the woods, spend the day or night, here and there through the summer months, assessing rivers and trees, wildlife, plant life, and acquainting yourself with your inner beast wild side. Record your observations you make about nature and its occupants as you hike, camp, and collect the geology of the area pertinent to your senior project for journalism. How does the air smell at night? Document your feelings and fixations as you camp around the fire at night singing kumbaya. How does that feel of adrenaline coincide with fear as the wolf cries to the moon? Take your reader on the journey of a lifetime through your explicit documentary of a summer in the wild.
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