Sensual Arousal

Achieving sensual arousal is easy for some, but for others it may be quite a task. Sensual arousal occurs when your senses of what is happening with that special someone have caused you to become aroused or get turned on. If you’re finding trouble with tuning into the senses and becoming invested in that special moment, these tips and strategies might help out.

  1. Learn to focus on what you see. It’s important to focus and direct all of your attention to what is going on in that special moment. Pay attention to her body, eyes, smile, and the things that she is doing to show satisfaction. Sight alone is enough to get most men into a total state of arousal due to the numerous things a woman will do to turn you on. Remove all distractions and keep your eyes on her.
  2. Try role-playing out. Role-playing is a classic twist to any sexual situation can set the moment on fire. Role-playing can consist of acting out a variety of “scripts” that put you and your significant other in common roles. For example, one of you can play the student and the other can play the teacher. You can try the doctor/patient game. There are literally tons of things you can do with role-playing to reach sensual arousal.
  3. Touching and feeling can cause arousal. Using your hands and other body parts is a great way to heat things up. Maybe you can spend time with your lady friend by just feeling her skin against yours, engaging in foreplay, running your fingers down her back, and so much more. Try out various techniques in touching and feeling, and it’s almost a sure bet that you’ll become aroused.
  4. Listen closely to what she is saying and the noises that she makes. If your woman is pretty vocal in the bedroom, chances are she’s into talking dirty and complimenting you while being intimate. Listen to what she says and get lost in the moment. Maybe she likes to moan to heat things up more. Tuning into the things she says and playing along can really get things rolling in terms of sexual excitement.
  5. Tasting can easily cause arousal. Using your mouth while alone with your significant other is a great way to get aroused. You don’t necessarily have to perform oral sex to receive arousal from taste, and it’s a fun precursor to foreplay. Spend time using your mouth on various body parts (and allow her to do the same to you) to achieve maximum arousal.
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