Serena Williams Boyfriend List

While an official Serena Williams boyfriend list may not exist, the tabloids certainly have had her rumored dating life publicly displayed for the world to glamorize. Serena Williams, a world-class tennis champion, has become well-known for her short skirts, athletic shoes and smashing tennis rackets. The magazines have glamorized her personal life, even her extensive boyfriend list that has grown in length over the years. Serena Williams has had several rumored and confirmed dating relationships with other celebrities and athletes, including Corey Maggette, Gregory Michael, Columbus Short, Keyshawn Johnson, Brett Ratner, Common and Amar'e Stoudemire.

  1. Keyshawn Johnson Keyshawn Johnson, a former American football wide receiver, interior designer, business executive, author and ESPN television broadcaster, officially dated Serena Williams circa 2002 to 2003. Although numerous reporters and paparazzi obtained footage of the clandestine affair, Keyshawn Johnson openly denied the allegations citing the incidents as purely speculation. Johnson was undergoing a divorce with his wife of four years in November 2003 when evidence emerged that hinted at the two dating. Despite his repeated attempts to discredit the allegations, most consider Keyshawn Johnson to be one of the first known athletic players on the Serena Williams boyfriend list.
  2. Brett Ratner Brett Ratner, an American filmmaker and music video director, dated Serena Williams circa 2004 to 2006. Ratner—famous for his Hollywood contributions such as the "Rush Hour" series, "The Family Man," "Red Dragon" and "X-Men: the Last Stand"—and Williams apparently had a low-key relationship that appeared smooth and steady on the surface until an abrupt separation that occurred when Serena Williams broke off the relationship at P. Diddy's, an esteemed American rapper, music producer, actor and fashion designer, after-party event. According to Williams, Ratner's persistent time away chasing business ventures and social events caused her to break things off. Serena Williams claimed that the awkward, virtually non-existent relationship was not worth the time nor effort.
  3. Common Common, an American hip-hop artist and actor, dated Serena Williams circa 2007 to 2010. An unfortunate downside to fame and fortune resides in the ability to focus on personal relationships as evidenced by the continual pitfalls outlined in Serena Williams boyfriend list. According to the New York Daily News, Common and Serena Williams separated because of hectic business affairs. Both celebrities were touted as "workaholics" and were seen frequently apart than together. When asked about marital aspirations, Common replied, "I definitely want to get married and have kids." The separation ended through a mutual agreement citing much love and respect for each other.
  4. Amar'e Stoudemire Amar'e Carsares Stoudemire, an American professional basketball center and power forward for the New York Knicks, dated Serena Williams briefly in 2010. According to Lala Vasquez-Anthony, Williams's bestie, Stoudemire and the tennis powerhouse went on a few dates in early 2010. Serena Williams started dating only months after splitting with Common, an American hip-hop artist and actor. No official confirmation ever released to forming a common bond between the two athletes other than allegations that the pair seemed to be "hitting it off."
  5. Corey Maggette, Gregory Michael and Columbus Short Other short-term bachelors tacked on to the Serena Williams boyfriend list include Corey Maggette, Gregory Michael and Columbus Short. Not official information has confirmed that either of these three bachelors ever formally dated Serena Williams.
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