Server Job Description

A server job description typically includes both order taking and various cleaning and maintenance duties. Restaurants often call duties other than taking orders "side work," and there may be a set schedule concerning when each tasks should be done. Side work is a part of virtually every server job description, though smaller restaurants may have more duties for servers because of a smaller staff. Side work duties may include rolling flatware into napkins, sweeping, cleaning and stocking the bathrooms, refilling the condiments and other tasks that typically need to be done during a restaurant shift. 

Depending on the type of restaurant, a server job description may include preparing some foods. Making salads and desserts are common tasks that servers often prepare. If a server job description includes preparing foods, this may be done when a specific food is ordered or during a specific time during the shift. Desserts are generally made when ordered, but salads and teas are generally made in advance during each shift to ensure that they are always well in supply.

Cleaning is a part of the server job description that varies greatly from restaurant to restaurant. Small restaurants may require servers to wash dishes, bus tables, keep the freezer stocked and sweep and mop the floor. In larger restaurants that have specialized employees for these tasks, there may be minimal cleaning as a part of the server job description. These may include wiping down tables, cleaning up spills, keeping the coffee pots clean and other small tasks. 

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