Set A Field In Cricket

Knowing how to set a field in cricket for particular advantages can help win or lose the game. Each team will consist of eleven members. The teams alternate batting. The team who is batting has two members on either end of the wicket. Each members of the team who is bowling has six tries in which they bowl the ball to the batsmen.

Things you'll need to set a field in cricket:

  • 2 cricket teams
  • Cricket pitch
  • 2 bats
  • Cricket ball
  • 2 sets of stumps
  1. Utilize the ball’s speed to set the cricket field for a pace attack. Position the wicketkeeper right behind the batsman. When the batsman fails to hit the ball he is charged with catching it. The wicketkeeper will try to catch the ball if the batsman nicks it.
  2. Set the cricket field in the slips arrangement. Slips are three fielders who are positioned in a straight line alongside the wicketkeeper. These fielders watch for the batsman to hit a slice ball, which they try to catch.
  3. Set the cricket field to cover the gully. The gully fielder will stand at a perfect right angle compared to the batsman. This fielder will try to stop a scoring runner.
  4. Set the cricket field cover position. This position is offside the batsman and about halfway in between the cricket square and batsman.
  5. Set the cricket field mid off position. This fielder will face the batsman but on the other end of the square and turned to the right.
  6. Set the cricket field for the mid on position. This fielder is placed at a perfect right angle on the back side of the batsman.
  7. Set the cricket field for the short leg position. This fielder will position himself close to the batsman. Be sure to wear a helmet in this position.
  8. Set the cricket field for the fine leg position. This fielder will position himself on the batsman rear border and stand at an angle.
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