Sex Addiction Test

For men wondering if they’re addicted to sex, the first step is to take a sex addiction test. Thoguh it can be a terrifying and shaming event when you first realize you might be addicted to sex. Like any problem, the first step is admitting you have a problem. But even before that you need to find out if you do actually have a problem. Read on to learn more about sexual addiction so you can decide whether you think you may have it.

What does it mean to be a sex addict? Lots of people enjoy sex, and men in particular sometimes worry that their need for sex is extreme. This can include worries about obsessive pornography, masturbation and cybersex use. While sex – even lots of sex – is an important, enjoyable part of life, when it crosses the line from want to need, it’s possible you have a problem. To give you an idea of when that line is crossed, here’s a list of things sex addicts often report as part of their addiction.

  • Sexual appetite getting in the way of relationships
  • Sexual thoughts/behaviors causing problems in everyday life
  • Sexual desire disrupting daily life
  • Thinking about sex constantly at work or other inappropriate settings
  • Sexual thoughts, urges and behaviors that feel uncontrollable
  • Unwelcome sexual thoughts
  • Difficulty finding sex partners with equal libido
  • Failing to meet commitments and responsibilities because of sexual behaviors
  • Needing sexual behaviors exclusively to calm down or relieve stress

In short, if you have felt guilty about how much you have sex, or if you have recognized that your sexual urges arecreating problems in your everyday life, it’s a good idea to seek help. Sexual addiction is a hard thing to admit. Know that by seeking help, you will meet other people like you, you’ll feel less alone and you’ll find ways to improve your life. Knowing you want to be free of the bonds of sexual addiction is all you need to start looking for help. You can talk to any doctor or counselor and they will either start working with you immediately or direct you to someone who can help you more. Or, you can find support groups and other resources in your area.

There has been much talk among the medical and psychiatric communities regarding sexual addiction. Some professionals believe sexual addiction is really just hypersexuality, which is a problem in itself but implies that sexual addiction does not follow the usual pattern of other addictions. Others believe that sexual addiction does in fact display the necessary symptoms to qualify as an addiction.

If you are struggling with being a sexual addict, the most important thing is getting started on your road to recovery. Regardless of what medical or psychiatric path you take to heal yourself, you can free yourself from the shameful binds of sexual addiction.

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