Sex Advice For Men

Finding some sex advice for men can be an embarrassing experience. Men like to take charge of things, and they think they know what every women wants and needs. This is not the case; every women are not the same. Most women will shy away from talking about sex, so make sex a conversational tool and read books or articles together talking about sex.

  1. Learn the art of foreplay. Men are quick to rush into intercourse, which results in your partner not being satisfied. To become a good lover takes time to simulate the mind and body. Foreplay provides an enjoyable experience for both individuals and they include: desiring your partner's body, kissing, flirting, touching, licking, hugging, dry humping, fondling and performing oral sex. There are no set instructions on how to give the best foreplay because each person is different. However, the goal is to stimulate the brain. The way you achieve this is by complimenting your partner's figure; tell them how beautiful they look and what their body does to you.
  2. Be kind – ladies are first. You hold the door for your lady, pull out the chair and stand up when she's about to go to the ladies room, but do you give her an orgasm first? To provide the best oral sex experience, you have to learn what arouses her, so ask questions. She will give step-by-step instructions on how to help her climax. Before you begin, guide your tongue and suck around the surrounding area of the vagina. This increases the sensation felt for the women. If your tongue is not equipped to handle the load, don't feel discourage to incorporate a vibrator.
  3. Second time's the charm. Men with problems lasting during sex can become discouraged. The solution to this problem is scheduling sex. Now an hour before you're about to have sex, masturbate. Men will be able to last longer once they ejaculate.
  4. Ride 'em cowboy. Let her go on top during sex. When she's on top, she will maneuver her body to stimulate herself. This will decrease the sensation felt on your penis.



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