Sex On Ambien

Just how do you manage having sex on Ambien? First, let’s explain something for those of you playing the home game. Ambien, also known as Zolpidem, is a prescription medication used to relieve insomnia and a smattering of neurological disorders; it's a sedative, a sleeping pill, the kind of thing where, if you take it, you should not operate heavy machinery unless it’s for a fraternity pledge or a "Jackass" stunt.

This groovy little drug has some entertaining side effects like amnesia. Some folks who take Ambien may go and do things they cannot recollect doing. As a result, this would mean that sex on Ambien could be the most mind-blowing thing you’ve ever experienced, but you may wake up the following day and not even be able to fantasize about it. You know what this sounds like? Severe somnambulism (fancy word for “sleep walking”). People on Zolpidem might go driving around aimlessly and wake up in the driver’s seat of their wrecked car with a cucumber shoved in their butt and six dead puppeteers in the backseat.

According to a multitude web resources, though, many people have sex on Ambien since it apparently does intensify sexual consciousness. It’s so good that not only does Urban Dictionary have a few entries on it, but our favorite ball-whackin’ debaucher Tiger blames his affairs on the drug. The rationale, it seems, is that Ambien will make a person lose their inhibitions and become uncontrollably horny and then forget everything. This ironic, sexually-energized effect should not exist according to medical experts, but it does for most folks who take it. How a sedative could possibly give a person a libido boost is a brain twister. It’s probably along the same lines as how caffeine will make someone with ADHD sleepy.

Sex on Ambien is dreamy, euphoric and hot, so it’s essentially LSD-brand, hallucinogenic sexy time. And for some, that might be the most splendid thing ever, but is the finest sex of your life really that grand if you can’t recall doing it? These pills can make a guy not feel quite so culpable about cheating on his wife. In effect, Ambien is a ball gag for your conscience. If Cheaty McCheater has no recollection of any affairs he has, then he won’t feel upset about them since he didn’t know they even transpired. If a woman hauls her husband onto the Maury show for some lie detector tests, he could smoothly pass them all because he genuinely does not remember what he’d done. Nifty.

Watch out, fellas, as Ambien’s side effects aren’t all sunshine, rainbows and immaterial ugly-bumping. You may very well end up shagging someone you’d never bang while sober like your amputee cousin that smells like cat urine and who believes ghosts steal her happy pills. This sexy drug, like most other prescription goodies, is a double-edged sword: Only take it if you can handle the repercussions that accompany the benefits.

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