Sex With Best Friend’s Mom: Is It Wrong?

Having sex with a best friend's mom can be a touchy subject for many people, but sex with a best friend's mom: is it wrong? In our opinion, it is not wrong if she is single. The only time having sex with a best friend's mom is wrong is if they have a significant other. Many people feel this as a betrayal of friendship, or just a line that should not be crossed by anyone that is not the same age of their mother.

First, the most fun thing about being single is sex. Sex up is the reason why there are so many people in a bar or club on a Friday and Saturday night. If a best friend's mother is at the bar or club she may be looking for the same thing, and if so, it is rude to not humor them.

The next reason why sex with a best friend's mom is OK is why punish her for being attractive? Attractive women deserve to be hit on, by not hitting on her she is being punished for being attractive. If she didn't want the attention she would not be there, so please do not ignore her.

It is important to remember that a best friend's mother is a human being also, and human beings have needs. Sex is one of those things that humans need to feel comfort in themselves. Without sex, human beings first of all would not exist, and secondly, would have one less way for to feel good about themselves. If a hot older woman happens to be a best friend's mother, it would be more wrong to ignore her needs as a human being.

Lastly, by having sex with a best friend's mom you will be spreading happiness. All anyone wants for their mother is to see her happy, and if it takes a one night stand with you to make her happy, you are doing your friend and his mom a favor.

Contrary to popular belief having sex with a best friend's mom is perfectly acceptable, assuming she is single.

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