Sex On A Boat

If you like to be out on the open waters, you might want to look into how to have sex on a boat. Sex on a boat can add the motion of the ocean (so to speak) to the normal rocking and movements of sex. Use the motion of the water to your advantage when having sex on a boat. Having sex on a boat is not for someone who gets motion sickness or who is afraid of the water.

To have sex on a boat, you will need:

  • A blanket
  • A willing partner
  • Imagination
  1. Where You can have sex just about anywhere on a boat. If you are out in the middle of the water with no one around, any place is game. The biggest thing to look for when having sex on a boat is safety. It is doubtful you will have life jackets on while having sex on a boat, so be sure that the waters are calm and you are far enough from the sides so that you don't fall overboard.

  2. The Deck If you are having sex on a boat, be careful of the deck area. Since a boat sees all kinds of weather there may be splinters around on the wooden areas. A splinter in a private area can be much more painful than one in your hand or foot.

  3. Feel the Waves When having sex on a boat, close your eyes and feel the waves. This is the way you will want to position your bodies so the waves intensify each thrusting motion instead of taking away from it.   

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