Sex Education Guide

Having a sex education guide is very important, especially when it involves teenagers who may seem to be susceptible to early pregnancy and unsafe sex. With proper dissemination and interpretation of a sex education guide, everyone learns about safe sex and topics including pregnancy and sexually transmittable diseases.

  1. Teach about contraceptives for safe sex. One effective sex education guide is to know your options about using contraceptives. People can have safe sex and avoid STDs by using contraceptives such as condoms. Condoms are available in many drug stores and novelty shops. Make sure to check the expiration of the condom package to ensure that it is safe to use. You should check as well the package for seal of approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the quality of manufacturing standards.
  2. Explain the reproductive health system. A good sex education guide includes explaining about the reproductive health system as it provides better understanding about the value of safe sex and prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Likewise, one can also better understand about the danger of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and their prevention.
  3. Provide options for birth control. Mant unwanted pregnancies stems from failure to use preventive methods for conception. A sex education guide should always include options on birth control. Included in the sex education should also be comprehensive details about the benefits and proper use of each birth control method.
  4. Learn the proper attitude about sex. Uncontrolled sex can be dangerous as it can make one susceptible to the negative consequences of unsafe and unplanned sex. A good sex education guide should include the management of emotional response to sex and provide informed decision when deciding to participate in sexual intercourse. It should also carry with it personal responsibility, which is a value that should be emphasized in any sex education guide.
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