Sex Education In Schools Pros And Cons

When it comes to sex education in schools pros and cons the list can get quite long. Since each school is different when it comes to sex education, this list of sex education in school pros and cons may not match what goes on at your school.

  1. Sex education in general is a huge pro when it comes to sex education in schools pros and cons. Kids need to be taught about STDs and pregnancy prevention. With today's busy world, it is easy for parents to not think about having the sex talk with their kids until it is too late. They also may be oblivious to the fact that young kids are engaging in sexual activities. Sex education in schools is a set curriculum that isn’t based on whether or not they believe the kids are having sex.
  2. The timing of sex education in school can be a pro or con depending on the school. Timing can be everything. Kids need to be taught sex education properly sooner rather than later. Some schools do not have sex education classes until well into the high school years which in this day and age is way too late.
  3. Religious beliefs can be a con for sex education in schools pros and cons. Some religions are against sex education being taught in school. In this day and age that is unrealistic. Although most churches do not believe in sex before marriage, to a teenager fitting in is much more important than religious beliefs.
  4. A sex education in schools pro is that some schools provide condoms to their students. Providing condoms to students is not necessarily giving them a ‘free pass’ to have sex, it is giving them the means to protect themselves when they do. These schools are being proactive in the fight against teen pregnancy and the spreading of STDs.

In general, not everyone is going to agree with sex education in schools. Some parents believe it is their right to provide sex education to their children. Others believe the schools do not have a right to talk to their children about sex. However, with the number of sexually transmitted diseases and the high rate of teen pregnancy, today’s children need all the sex education they can get. 

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