Sex Exercise Routine

A good sex exercise routine is one that focuses on preparing you for being the best lover that you can be. Certain muscles and body parts should be toned and used frequently, with special attention to areas most used during love-making. Doing this routine consistently will have you feeling better…and have you performing better as well.

  1. Build your stamina. In general, a good sex exercise routine will build your overall stamina so that you can have vigorous sex for long intervals without getting winded.  Your partner will expect that you can go and go for extended periods, satisfying her for a long time.  It is wise to do long-distance cardio exercises that will help with this, such as distance running, or using the elliptical machine for up to an hour.
  2. Control your orgasm. While not strictly an exercise routine, one way to keep yourself “in shape” is to work on extending the time you can before reaching orgasm.  Few things will let your partner down more than you finishing too soon, so the longer you can go before finishing, the better.  You can work on this through practice masturbation: masturbate until you are close to ejaculating and then ease off.  Build yourself up again and then again stop yourself. Doing this repeatedly will build up your “resistance” to ejaculating too soon.
  3. Strengthen your core.  Working the core is all the workout rage right now, but there is definitely something to it for having a solid sex exercise routine. Given the various sexual positions you will be in while with your partner, it is good to have a strong center, from which to work, including good abs and strong muscles through your back. This will help you support yourself, keep you in arduous positions for longer periods, and keep her in position when duty requires you to support much of her weight.
  4. Work those thighs. Because of the thrusting nature of sex from a man’s perspective, a good sex exercise routine will include you building up your thigh muscles. Whether you are in the missionary position, doggy style, or standing up with her lying back on the bed, you will need to thrust into her—vigorously—for extended periods. Having strong thigh muscles and a solid lower body will allow you to do this hard and fast, without getting fatigued too soon.
  5. Cut the gut. During sex, you want to look as good as possible, so you should avoid having a big, flabby stomach. Thinning out has practical benefits too, as you will be less likely to have a big, drooping stomaching hanging down on your partner’s. A good sex exercise routine will involve you doing crunches, cardio work, and other abdomen-focused exercises that will reduce your spare tire.
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