Sex Myths And Facts

Anyone interested in sex should know the sex myths and facts. For many years, there has been a lot of misinformation about sex. It's hard to get the sex facts from the sex myths. Many of these myths are targeted to men who have insecurity issues. Some of these myths include:

Taking a pill can increase your penis size. This is false. Even though there are a lot of claims out there about increasing penis size, they are wrong. There is only one way to increase your penis size, and that is through surgery.

Females can't get pregnant on their period. While the chance of getting a female pregnant on her period is slim, it can still happen. Usually woman with shorter periods and irregular periods are at the most risk of getting pregnant after their period. Sperm stay alive in the uterus for up to two days. If you have sex with her on the last days of her period, that means that the sperm can still be alive in the uterus. 

"Pulling out" can stop a female from getting pregnant. During sex, pre-ejaculate comes out of the penis. This pre-ejaculate still contains sperm.

Great sex doesn't require practice. Sex is like any other hobby in life, the more it's done, the better you get at it. It's important to know what your partner likes and to do research about how to perform during sex properly.

Now that the sexual myths are cleared up, it's time to focus on the sexual facts:

Semen contains zinc and calcium. Both calcium and zinc are proven to help fight tooth decay.

The average penis size when fully erect is five inches.

For every 30 minutes of sex, 200 calories are burned.

The first condoms were made of linen or animal skins. The earliest condoms were used in China and Asia before the fifteenth century.

Dolphins and chimps also have sex for fun.

Sex can be fun. It's better while having all of the proper sex myths and facts figured out. If you feel that you have problems sexually, it's strongly suggested that you speak to a doctor.

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