Sex Positions For Height Difference

There are many sex positions for height difference issues an intimate couple may experience. Having a healthy sexual relationship can sometimes be challenging for partners of vastly different heights, but the key is creativity and passion. Here is a list of the best sex positions for height difference:

  1. Woman on top. This is a very simple position for height difference  where the male partner simply lies flat on his back and the female partner straddles her mate along his pelvis and guides herself down onto his penis. In this position a woman can use a variety of motions to please herself and her mate.
  2. Froggy style.  This is an intermediate-level sex position for height difference that is known to stimulate a woman's  G-spot as well as utilize deep-penetration. This position is essentially a variation of the missionary position in which the male partner is sitting on his knees and the female partner lies on her back with her legs spread around her mate. The male partner then places the legs of his female counterpart on his shoulder and guides his penis inside her. The male partner then uses his hips to achieve a deep thrusting motion while pleasing his mate.
  3. Doggy style. This sex position for height difference is a favorite of most couples and a staple in many relationships. Doggy style basically consists of the female  partner sitting on her hands and knees while her male counterpart mounts her from behind. The male can either be postioned on his knees as well or he can be standing. Doggy style is a great sex position for height difference because it achieves deep-penetration as well as G-spot stimulation.
  4. Reverse cowgirl.  This sex position for height difference is very similar to the woman on top position. In this position the male partner lies on his back while the female partner mounts her male partner in such a way that she is facing away from him. This is an excellent sex position for height difference because the female can utilize a vast range of movement while in this position.

As you can see height differences between partners can easily be overcome by using these sensual and practical techniques. Keep these sex positions for height difference on hand and your sex life will improve in no time!

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