Sex Positions To Not Get Pregnant

Sex positions to not get pregnant are great to have in your romantic arsenal if you are not planning on having a baby at this time. While there is no position to prevent the possibility of pregnancy during penile vaginal penetration, there are a number of types of sexual contact that do not have a risk of pregnancy. Expanding your definition of sex to include acts outside of intercourse not only makes it easier not to get pregnant, it can lead to a more varied and satisfying sex life overall. A few positions to try:

  1. Indulge in a bit of 69. The 69 position, where partners indulge in mutual oral sex, is a satisfying addition to your sex life. Try varying the position: you can do man on top, woman on top, or both lie on your sides.
  2. Mutual masturbation can be a relaxing yet incredibly hot type of sex. Getting each other off using your hands and fingers can provide a deliciously different sensation with no risk of pregnancy. Try changing things up by using a high quality silicone-based lube to keep her super wet.
  3. Grinding or dry humping can be a hot variation, as well. Again, use a good lube to keep things nice and slippery. Try grinding gently against her clit to make her lose control and is a great way to have sex and not get pregnant.
  4. Take turns getting each other off with oral. Having the opportunity to lie back and just get pampered by your partner can be undescribably sexy. It's just a bonus that this is a way to have sex without the risk of getting pregnant.
  5. If you are feeling adventurous, consider adding anal sex to the menu. Anal is definitely on the advanced sex list, so, take it slow and be very careful. Use lots of lube and go very gently to make this a type of satisfying sex that has no risk of pregnancy.