Sex Rules For Men

There are a number of easy-to-follow sex rules for men that will help you better your sex life. Men and women have been getting busy for all of history, and over that time there are some unwritten rules for each different gender that have evolved. Following these rules will make you a better lover and make your partners appreciate you more.

  1. Keep the play in foreplay. Men have a bad reputation for going from the front door to in between her legs as fast they can. One of the key sex rules for men is to take things slow and make sure to warm her up before things get really serious. Spending time kissing her, stroking her, caressing her and more will make sure that she feels like you are excited about being with her, and not just excited about being with someone.
  2. No means no. The notion that a woman is just playing coy and wants to be pursued is no longer in fashion. You may have to pursue a woman to get her to go out with you, but once you in an intimate moment if she decides for whatever reason to roll up the red carpet and shut the blinds, you should not push the issue. Not only will you come across as an ass, you could end up in jail if you take things too far. An important sex rule for men is that no means no.
  3. Last longer. No woman wants a guy who is done in a matter of seconds. A sex rule for men is to make the love making last as long as possible. To do this, you need to get yourself in good cardio shape, so you can ride and ride and rider her some more. In addition, you need to condition yourself so that you’re not getting off too soon. One of the best ways to do that is to practice through masturbation.
  4. Take care of her first. An important sex rule for men is to make sure that she gets satisfied before you do. To be a good lover, you must be an unselfish lover. If your partner feels like you’re just in it for your own satisfaction, she is not going to be happy, and is likely not going to be back in your bed. However, if you take the time to take care of her needs, she will be very appreciative and will generously reward you.
  5. Don’t come and go. We’ve already told you that you need to spend extra time with her before actually getting it on—another important sex rule for men is to spend time with her after as well. If as soon as you’ve gotten your jollies you put on your pants and head for the door, she is going to feel used and disappointed. Spend some time cuddling with her, holding her, and telling her how much you enjoyed your time together.
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