Sex Songs By Rappers

If you’re a rap fan, then you’re probably already familiar with these popular sex songs by rappers. Rappers just seem to have a natural way of expressing themselves and talking about their sex lives and sexual experiences. If you’re feeling “in the mood,” grab your iPod today and download a few of these sex songs by rappers.

  1. “Doin It” Perhaps the best sex anthem of 1996, L.L. Cool J knows how to write the perfect sex song. Not only does L.L. know what the G-spot is, he also knows how to write a song about sex that’s just graphic enough to be dirty without being over the top obscene.
  2. “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” Khia's certainly not shy to tell listeners and admirers exactly what she wants in the bedroom. The lyrics to this explicit oral sex rap describe Khia’s desire for both cunnilingus and anilingus.
  3. “Magic Stick” If there’s a rapper who can write a dirty sex rap, it’s Lil’ Kim. This female rapper filled her popular rap song “Magic Stick” with graphic sexual innuendos and outright hardcore pornographic lyrics. As Kim states in the song, she’s “down for anything.”
  4. “How Do U Want It” A master of dirty sex song writing, 2PAC's original music video for this song was censored or not played because of its X-rated content. Fortunately, the edited lyrics were just racy enough that radio stations were still able to play the song with some selective censoring.
  5. “Put It in Your Mouth” Typical for an Akinyele song, there’s really nothing left for the imagination in this rap. “Don’t give me no Ralph Lauren grin if you’re not down to go low” pretty much sums up the theme for this oral sex anthem.
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