Sex Terms

Learning about sex can be difficult for youngsters, especially when the only sex terms people use are euphemisms. The correct sex terms for acts that are commonly performed between couples are sometimes not even talked about in sex education classes, as is the puritanical nature of today's America. Here are some sex terms that people should know before they engage in sexual activity, to better understand what is happening.

  1. Orgasm. Commonly referenced as "coming" or even the misspelled "cumming," reaching orgasm is often the height of pleasure for a sexual act. Though an orgasm is not necessary for sex, and not necessary for a woman for reproduction to occur, it is often the pleasure that people are seeking from the sexual act. The male orgasm is accompanied by ejaculation, but female orgasms occur in a number of ways, from clitoral, vaginal, and other types of stimulation.
  2. Intercourse. The common definition for intercourse in sex terms is the sex between a man and a woman that occurs when the penis enters the vagina. There are other types of acts referred to by some as intercourse as well; these include anal intercourse (a penis entering the anus of a partner).
  3. Fellatio. Fellatio is the technical term for oral sex performed upon a male. This is known in euphemistic sex terms as "going down" or in less polite sex terms as "giving head" or "giving a blowjob"; when the penis is stimulated by the mouth of the partner.
  4. Cunnilingus. Cunnilingus is the technical term for oral sex performed upon a female, the stimulation of the clitoris and/or vulva by the mouth of the other partner. This too is known in euphemistic sex terms as "going down" on a girl or "giving head." Less politely, it is what people mean when saying "eating pussy" or "eating a girl out."
  5. Masturbation. Masturbation refers to sexual stimulation of oneself. Less polite sex terms for this act include "jerking off," "jacking off," or, for girls, "fingering yourself." The first sexual act that most people undertake, masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of, and often helps people later on with feeling comfortable in their sexual lives.

The five above sex terms should help youngsters better understand what older kids, or kids their age, are talking about when it comes to sex. As always, it's best to teach kids the proper terms than have them go on misunderstanding.


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