Sex Tips For Peyronies

Here are some sex tips for Peyronie's disease sufferers. Peyronie's disease, of course, is that disease that effects your penis. It's a connective tissue disorder that causes and unnatural curvature in the shaft of your penis. There are varying degrees of Peyronie's disease. Some guys with Peyronie's have expressed a difficulty in having sexual intercourse while others claim to have no problems with getting it on. Well for those of you that to need it, here are some sex tips for Peyronie's disease sufferers.

  1. Enhance other parts of your sexual repertoire. This is a good rule of thumb regardless if you suffer from Peyronie's disease or not. It's always good to be multi-faceted no matter what the realm. Michael Jordan wouldn't have been that great of a scorer if he didn't know how to pass, and he wouldn't have been an effective passer if his ball handling skills weren't top notch. The point is, improve other aspects of your love making. Become a master of the art of foreplay. Learn better techniques for going down on your woman. Up your creative IQ when it comes to driving your girl wild. The penis will never be the end all be all of love making.
  2. Use your curvature to your advantage. A woman's "G" spot is generally only four inches deep into her vaginal canal. Have you ever seen a sex toy specifically designed for hitting the "G" spot? Well, if you haven't, check them out. All of them have curvature to them. This should make you feel better about your penal curve right away. You're walking around with a "G" spot specific sex toy between your legs! All you have to do is position her body to receive your curvature in such a way that it makes decent contact with her special vaginal area.
  3. If you experience pain. A small group of Peyronie's disease sufferers complain about pain during sexual intercourse. Studies show that most people with Peyronie's disease do improve naturally overtime. If you can't wait that long, stick to positions that don't bend your penis too far out of it's natural erected state. Get good at the positions that actually support the way your penis is shaped and once again, use those positions to to knock it out the park like a juiced up Barry Bonds.
  4. Psychologically. Men take their penis and affairs with their penis very seriously. Don't let the fact that your penis is curved have you falsely assuming that you can't successfully please a woman. As it was stated earlier, the penis is never the end all be all of the sexual experience. It's up to you to use what you've got to the best of your ability. We guarantee you that women appreciate overall creativity with love making a lot more then a guy that just knows how to swing his penis around.



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