Sex Tips For A Virgin

Sex tips for a virgin will first require a couple who are ready to make that adult decision. As a virgin, it may be a frightening event to decide whether or not to have sex. If you question yourself, then you are not ready to share your body with someone. When ready, don't overwhelm yourself with thinking too much. Let every movement you make be natural and let it be fun.  

Before you begin to have sex you should always start with foreplay. You may be a virgin, but you have to be confident with every move that you make. 

  1. When you kiss your partner, kiss gently and slowly. Have your hands touching her hair in the back of the head. Begin to slowly lower the tips of your finger to the back of the neck. While gently grabbing the neck begin to kiss or use your tongue on your partner's neck. Most women get aroused when you touch this spot. 
  2. Place both hands on your partner's waist and lower back. Push your partner up close to you. Women love a man to take control of the situation.
  3. Begin to massage the butt with both hands while kissing the lips of your partner. Never focus on just one body part of your partner, mix it up a bit. Slightly touch with one hand up and down the lining of your partner's back, with the other hand grabbing hold of their waist. 
  4. Never grab hold of your partner's privates straight away. You want to tease your partner to be more aroused to have sex. For men if you want to tease your partner, begin touching her stomach going up to her breast. Do not grab her breast, instead just use the tips of your fingers and circle the top and bottom portion of her breast. Begin to kiss her chest down to her breast. 
  5. Place your hand on the inner thighs of your partner and gently massage that area close to the private parts. Do not touch your partner's privates as of yet.

Communicate with your significant other. 

  1. When you’re taking off your partner's clothes, initiate contact by complimenting your partner's body. You want to make your partner comfortable showing you their body, your partner should also do the same.
  2. For a virgin, the atmosphere shouldn't be awkward or embarrassing. When you are ready to give your body to someone you should feel comfortable in your own skin and be able to share it with someone. 
  3. Talk while you’re being intimate with each other. There is nothing more pleasing to hear when your partner talks naughty or is moaning. Moan and express how sex feels to you as well.

Sex tips for a virgin. Sex is a pleasurable experience between two couples. It shouldn't be silent while being intimate with each other.  

  1. If it hurts say it, if you’re in an uncomfortable position say it. Give your partner oral sex before you make love. If you don't know how to have oral sex tell him or her, “how do you like it?” Ask whether you’re doing it correctly and apologize if you’re not. Try to humble yourself for asking an embarrassing question like that. How do you expect to learn if you don't ask? 
  2. When you’re about to make love make sure you have KY jelly. If a women is to experience sex for the first time there may be some bleeding. That is because your hymen breaks off while having sex. Sex as virgin will be a memorable experience, but know that, sex requires practice. Make sure while you have sex just be responsible adult and practice safe sex.

Now there maybe too many steps you have to remember in order to have a perfect experience, but just do what naturally comes to you. Just make sure you communicate with your partner.    

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