Is Sex With Your Ex a Bad Idea?

Is sex with your ex a bad idea? Some of you may be thinking "You betcha," but the honest truth is that sex with your ex is a situational circumstance. Sometimes all it takes is that last coupling to prove to yourself that you are over your ex or to rekindle something that shouldn’t have been extinguished.

How do you feel about your ex? Typically, if you still love your ex and they don't still love you, sex is a bad idea. Don’t do it, no matter how strongly your libido fightsyou on this. If you are the only one with strong feelings, sex will only make these feelings stronger. You’ll do the deed and come out with pre-conceived notions of re-firing your ruined relationship…and she won't. This leaves you looking like a love sick idiot.

How does she feel about you? However, if the feelings are mutual, then sex can be a good option for the two of you. It can serve as closure, the last time you two will meet. This helps with past relationships because it can give you a chance to move on and to pick yourself up.  Sex, in this way, can act like the last chapter of a book that you know should be ending.

The physical repairs the emotional. Sometimes, re-kindling your sexual relationship may also serve to recreate your emotional one. In a lot of relationships hasty decisions are made. Hasty responses are usually the consequence of an emotional fight or irrational thinking. Sex can serve to undo your breakup and bring back those physical and emotional feelings you once had for each other.

New girlfriend? If you have already moved on and found yourself a new partner, than without a doubt sex with your ex is a BAD idea. This will complicate and in most circumstances ruin your new relationship as well as putting a strain and stress on your past one. You will be juggling too many emotions, too much stress, and will end up not moving very far in either relationship. If you feel strongly enough for your ex to want to start again, then you should make sure your emotional slate is clean. If this means ending your current relationship, then so be it.

Remember, sex with your ex has several different outcomes and consequences. Take a good long look at your life before decided to re-kindle anything. Make sure that this is the right choice for, not only you, but your ex is well.

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