Sexting Ideas: Do’s And Don’ts

There are several sexting ideas, dos, don'ts and rules as this new form of modern sexuality can be problematic for some people. Sexting is the "art" of texting or picture messaging someone sexually explicit images or words for purpose of arousal. Many recent high-profile cases have lead to problems when it comes to the law, setting examples for young people to try and avoid. The dos and don'ts of sexting, while subtle, are assuredly there.
  1. Don't sext with a minor. This also goes for you minors out there. No sexting, period. Child pornography laws apply to everyone, even consenting minors. This is probably the most important "do not" of sexual texting.
  2. Do warn your partner before sexting. Text sex is similar to real intercourse in that if your partner is unwilling, you are sexually harassing them.
  3. Don't sext strangers. Sexting random numbers can lead to the law getting involved (at a minimum). It is in your best interest to know your partner when you sext.
  4. Do be aware of sexting laws in your area. Although it is a constitutional right to be able to have sex with any (willing) partner over eighteen, there are always specific restrictions. As far as the dos and don'ts of sexting are concerned, this is one of the most important regarding the law. Specifically, many state governments have been cracking down on text sex as of late. You have been warned.
  5. Don't sext while under the influence. This is obvious. Your judgement is heavily impaired with doses of alcohol. Put your phone away at parties; after all, texting has no place in the middle of a social activity!
  6. Do be in private while sexting. If you are going to be aroused (same goes for your partner), close the door. It is courteous to others and more stimulating for you and your partner. This will also prevent any accidental exposures of pornographic material to curious people.
  7. Don't feel pressured to sext; don't pressure others to sext. Rape applies in any case of sexual harrassment and pressure does apply to sex texting as well. There is no need to force an unwilling partner to reveal him/herself solely for your amusement. If you are feeling pressured to sext, contact your guardian, phone company or the authorities.
  8. Do be yourself. Trying to impress someone by sexting is both unwise and immature. If you don't feel like doing something (or do feel like doing something) let your partner know beforehand.
  9. Don't run your phone bill up. While it is fun to sext, be aware of the financial costs of sending picture messages all the time (especially if you don't have an "unlimited" plan).
  10. Do double check your partner's number. It is very easy to select the wrong contact (or possibly mistype one number) and send your pornographic image to an unsuspecting co-worker. Play it safe; play it smart.

Always pay attention to the dos and don'ts of sexting; heck, even run across this list before each session. Sexting has had its fair share of legal cases, so don't be another statistic!

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