Sexting Picture Risks

Before you take that camera phone into the men's room to snap a shot of your junk, you should take a moment to consider sexting picture risks.  Sexting can add a degree of excitement to a romantic relationship, particularly if you are apart a lot. Just make sure that you engage in safe sexting to reduce your sexting picture risks. A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not engage in picture sexting if you or your girl is under 18. Just don't. Sexually explicit pictures of people who are under the age of consent is child pornography, and kids are being prosecuted for sending and receiving sexting picture messages. It's just not worth the risk.
  2. Learn from Brett Favre's mistakes and do not ever send an explicit picture to someone unless the two of you have discussed it and you know that she wants to receive it. Sending pictures of your junk to random chicks who you do not know well isn't just rude, it's illegal. Rule of thumb: if she is not your girlfriend or wife, sending her an explicit photo is just too high on the scale of sexting pictures risks.
  3. Make sure that no one besides you is messing with your phone. If your lady friend has sent you some steamy sexts, be sure that you can keep coworkers, family-members and friends from getting ahold of them. You should also delete incriminating photos regularly to cut down on sexting pictures risk.
  4. Be aware that, once a digital photo is taken, you need to control where it goes.  I don't care how cute or wild she is, do not forward her sexting pictures to a buddy. Even if you intend for just that guy to see it, can you count on him to be more discreet than you were? Don't expose yourself or your lady friend to this sexting risk, and keep any naughty pics to yourself.
  5. Beware of vicious exes, and don't be a vicious ex. If you and your girl break up and there are incriminating photos, do not keep them for old time's sake. Isn't it a little creepy to rub one out to a sext from an ex anyway? If you hold onto photos, do not give into the temptation to forward them. At best it's a douche bag maneuver, and at worst, it can get you sued. This is one of those sexting picture risks that you need to be especially careful to manage. Perhaps it's time to add "deleting of the homemade porn" to the list of post break up rituals, like negotiating whose Wii that really is.
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