Sexually Aggressive Behavior Symptoms

Knowing what to look for when it comes to sexually aggressive behavior symptoms is very important. When someone shows signs of aggressive behavior, it’s best to not put yourself in the position of being alone with them, because anything could happen. If you feel you are becoming sexually aggressive toward others, it would be in your best interest and the interest of a potential victim to get help immediately!

Signs of sexual aggression are:

  • Anger
  • Aggression
  • Hatred
  1. The first sign is if a person doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. They may think they’re being lead on or teased and it makes them angry to the point of becoming sexually aggressive. They feel this person is just playing hard to get and really doesn’t want them to stop even if they say stop.
  2. Masturbation is becoming a daily, often public activity. Enjoying engaging in this form of sexual behavior in front of others or out in public and without care if it offends other people. Many often do it to see a person’s reaction, but are not bothered by public exposure.
  3. Enjoying watching very explicit and graphic pornography involving adults, children or even animals. Getting very turned on by violence in a pornographic movie.
  4. Sex is not viewed as something that should be shared by two people that truly care about one another. Someone with sexual behavioral problems doesn’t have a problem with having sexual encounters with strangers, hookers or someone they just met. A potential sexual partner is not viewed as a human being, but as a sexual object to do what they please with.
  5. Enjoys participating in sexual group activities such as orgies. Likes playing different types of very inappropriate and aggressive sex games with people or objects.
  6. Often fantasizes about dominating sexual acts. Which may involve violence, becoming sexually aggressive and fantasizing about harming someone during  sexual play.
  7. Trying to force someone to perform a sexual act against their will is sexual aggression. If someone threatens to physically harm a person if they don’t do what they tell them to do, this is unacceptable behavior.

These sexual behavior symptoms don’t just apply to the aggression of males, but females as well. If you or someone you know possesses these symptoms there is a possibility they may be experiencing sexual aggressive behavior problems and should talk with someone before it gets worse.

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