Sexy Clothing For Men

The clothing you wear says a lot about the person, especially to women. Women will look at your clothing and think one of two things: they already know all there is to know about you and you aren’t worth knowing, or they want to get to know you more. Fashion says it all in a few brief moments, so know what clothes women deem sexy and wear them to achieve their greater purpose.

Sexy Clothing for Men

  1. The Leather Jacket – Every man should have one of these if they want to catch the attention of women. It doesn’t have to be black, try a brown Italian leather for a twist. Women have liked the wild appeal of a leather jacket ever since James Dean was born.
  2. Aviators – Brad Pitt, David Beckham and every pilot and cop you have seen in the movies have sported aviator sunglasses,giving it instant sex appeal. The pricier name brand aviators are the best, but any aviators will help you say “I am all MAN.”
  3. Jeans – A good pair of jeans has the power to make a woman say “WOW!” Wrangler is a good brand for the working man and a brand that women have given an instant sex appeal rating to. Jeans can be frayed, colored, torn, worn, and messed up in any way you can think of, but if they look good on your body, than they are sexier than you can imagine. It all started with the cowboys, women are attracted to the men who can get down and dirty and clean up nice.
  4. Suit – A good suit can do a lot for a man. If you have the chance to dress up in a nice black suit set or even a tux, than jump at it. Women love to see a man all dressed up, maybe because they don’t get to see it very often, but a suit = sexy, if it fits right. Make sure the suit is not too short or too big, you don’t want to look like you shrunk the suit or like you are playing dress up.
  5. Sexy T-shirts – Many girls think a good t-shirt can be extremely sexy on a man. If you are well toned, than a shirt that enhances the size of your pectoral muscles can enhance your sex appeal in a woman’s eyes. Women like a good t-shirt on a man because they can imagine it off. T-shirts don’t leave a whole lot to our imagination.
  6. Vests – Also known as tanks, vests are a sexy piece of clothing on the right man. If you’re working in the backyard in a vest and your muscles are slick with sweat, a woman has no choice but to think you’re sexy.
  7. The Button-down Shirt – A button-down shirt, when worn right, can definitely add sex appeal. Don’t undo so many buttons that you look like sleazy, and never button it all the way. One or two buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up, is extremely sexy. Women know these shirts are easy to get off if you know what I mean.
  8. Uniforms – Nothing is sexier on a man than a uniform. Police officers, military men, etc. are instantly sexy.  Women like their heroes, these jobs are life-saving, heroic positions that give a girl something to dream about.
  9. Cargo Shorts – A good pair of cargo shorts can play up some toned legs on a man and enhance his sex appeal to women. Women will notice how well you take care of yourself and shorts always lead to the idea of a hot summer romance.
  10. Bohemian Fashion – Think Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt for an example of laid-back bohemian fashion. Layered, comfortable attire is always sexy. Women like men who are stylish, so you get bonus sexy points if you are dressed like a sexy actor.

One of the most important things to remember is that the clothes don’t make a man sexy. It is in the way he carries himself; with confidence, a tiny bit of arrogance, a little pride, a little humility and a sense of carefree spontaneity.

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