Sexy Gifs

Looking for sexy Gifs without the unsexy spyware, adware, and viruses. There are several sites that offer steamy Gifs to enhance any page or communication. They range from scantily clad bodies to sexual innuendos. These are five of the best pages to find sexy Gifs.

  1. The Chive The Chive named a fabulously sexy gif page Things that bounce. It features the rear ends of several well-endowed females. Pay homage to the inner Sir Mix-A-Lot with these voluptuous booties. Butts of all shapes, sizes, and colors are displayed in Gif format. There are even a few sexy girl on girl dancing Gifs that make this page a must visit.
  2. Free MySpace Graphics This page features many upper and lower body Gifs of sexy women. A Lindsey Lohan boob Gif is even featured. No need to download, because this site features convenient code to insert. This is a well-known site which does not contain spyware, adware, or viruses.
  3. Gif and Gif This site features smaller sexy gifs. They feature animated dance sequences and are the perfect addition when less is more. Do not expect an extreme amount of detail with these gifs, because they are very small.
  4. Smoking Gifs Ready to take it up a notch? This page features sexy and X-rated gifs. Not only do they use real models, but they are animated. Prepare to be excited with these sexy gifs. They are definitely hardcore.
  5. Photobucket So the question may be raised at this point, why was this not number one? The answer is simple, it is too obvious. Photobucket has a very large collection of sexy gifs. Unfortunately users must weed through the gifs which are not sexy or related to sex. These gifs are obviously tamer than some sites, yet perfect for a quick virus-free sexy gif.
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