Shakeology Scam

Some would claim there is truth in the Shakeology scam, especially when this healthy snack replacement did not work out well for them. To give better insights into the confusion whether there is truth about Shakeology scam, here are some facts that you may want to consider before you decide for yourself whether Shakeology is indeed a scam or not. 

  1. Pyramid scheme.Shakeology is the creation of Beach Body Revolution believed to engage in pyramid marketing. Many people are quite skeptic about pyramiding schemes when marketing products which is probably the reason why many people are also skeptical about the integrity of Shakeology as an effective meal replacement drink.
  2. Shakeology promises. Shakeology promises two major benefits. First, it is a healthy snack product that could help supplement meals and in effect help reduce body weight without depriving the body with essential nutrients. Second, it can flush out toxins from the body while retaining nutrients that the body need. Shakeology is promoted as a weight loss product and as a form of colon cleanser.
  3. Evaluating the promises. As a healthy snack product Shakeology apparently contains 70 healthy ingredients including essential amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and phytonutrients. They can give you a full stomach without eating much with natural ingredients that help you eliminate body toxins more effectively. As a weight loss supplement, it can indeed help reduce weight because each shake contains only 140 calories.
  4. The price. It is surprising that this healthy snack replacement costs $120 good for 30 servings. Perhaps another reason why people would suspect that Shakeology is a scam because of its very high price. But perhaps it can be assumed that Shakeology itself is not really that expensive but because it is a part of a multi-level program where the distributors need to take a cut in every sale they make.
  5. Personal views matter. To decide whether Shakeology is a scam or not is a matter of personal point of view. Shakeology is a legitimate program by Beach Body Revolution. There are people who claim Shakeology works for them while it doesn’t to other people. If you find Shakeology to be unreasonably priced you may want to consider taking other forms of dietary supplements.
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