Shannon Tweed Bio

You may have heard of Shannon Tweed but if you're interested in learning more about this model, then you'll want to check out this Shannon Tweed bio. Here is Shannon Tweed's life story, so that you can learn all about her and hopefully you may find out a few things you didn't know.

The Early Years. Shannon Tweed was born in St. John's, Newfoundland in Canada in March of 1957. There isn't much information on her early years but at the age of 24 she appeared as Playboy's Miss November 1981. With her gorgeous looks and stunning figure, just a year later she became Playmate of the Year and rose to stardom.

Television and movies. The Shannon Tweed bio includes many appearances in television and movies. She appeared in 1982 in her first movie called "Hot Dog." She appeared on the television show "Falcon Crest" and was in quite a few low-budget movies such as "No Contest" in 1998.

Reality. No Shannon Tweed bio is complete without mentioning her show "Family Jewels" with her partner, Gene Simmons of Kiss. This has been one of the more successful ventures. "Family Jewels" showcases her family with Gene as a typical American family even though he's a rock star and she's a model and actress.

Book deals. Shannon Tweed's success doesn't end with media. In 2006 she published her own autobiography called "Kiss and Tell." She has genuinely embraced the Hollywood business and continues to be a success in most things that she sets out to do.

Now you know more about the Shannon Tweed bio and what she is all about in life. Her many accomplishments keep her name fresh in Hollywood and she continues to work in the business.

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