Is She Bored During Sex?

If you feel like your lady is distant in the bedroom, you might be asking yourself if is she bored during sex? Truth be told, finding out that she's bored during sex is one of the biggest fears that plague the minds of many men to this day. While preventing this is certainly one beats unto itself, following is a list of signs that you can see if she is really bored during sex. Be sure to read these gestures and emotions very carefully, as they can well be the breaking point of your relationship.

  1. She's checking the time. Basically, this is showing that her mind is elsewhere and she's wondering what she can get done with the rest of her day. Essentially, she's only fitting the sex into her schedule to be nice to you. If this happens, you're really not doing your part in keeping her engaged, allowing her to get bored during sex.
  2. She just lies there and takes it. While we all can't have sex like the porn stars, your partner shouldn't resemble a plastic doll either. She should be moving around, squirming, or at the very least, reacting to your body movements. If she's just laying still like a corpse, you're in trouble, buddy.
  3. She's spacing out. No, you're not always going to have the idealized passionate lovemaking where you look each other in the eyes the entire time, but if she's staring off into space while you're doing it, she's definitely bored during sex. She might be wondering when you're going to finish, making a mental check-list of what she needs to do, or worse yet, comparing you to someone else.
  4. She talks about trivial things during sex. Much like during an awful movie or long car ride, your lady friend might start making small talk while you're doing the dirty in the female sector. If she does, she most definitely is trying to pass the time while you get done what you're doing. If she's bored during sex to this degree, you definitely need to engage her more.
  5. She asks you if you're finished yet. If this is the case, you might as well quit now. Take some time and reevaluate what you're doing to make her so bored during sex. If you're honestly so confused about why she's so disinterested, it's in your best interest to just ask.

In finding out if she's bored during sex, you need to remember to not succumb to your self-consciousness. While it may be easy to assume you're not big enough or you don't have the right moves, realize that no two women are wired the same way, and what might've worked wonders on Betty might seem ho-hum to Jill. That being said, the best way to prevent her from being bored during sex is to engage her physically, mentally and emotionally; the best way to find out how to do this is to ask her.

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