Shiraz Wine And Food Pairing

Do you like Shiraz wine but wonder why the waiter is judging you when you order it with the salmon; you should learn about shiraz wine and food pairing. Not only will this save you future embarrassment, but if you pair shiraz wine appropriately with food, both will taste better. Shiraz (or Syrah, depending on where you are from) is generally medium bodied with rich tannins. Here are some examples of foods that pair well with Shiraz.

  1. Pair Shiraz with Peppered Red Meat. Wine snobs say that peppered red meat is one ideal food pairing for Shiraz. The "spicyness" of Shiraz is a good match for the "gaminess" of red meats. This is especially true is the meat has a garlic and herb like sauce.
  2. Pair Shiraz with rich pasta dishes. Shiraz works nicely with pesto and also rich, creamy pasta sauces. If you are going to put meat in your pasta, choose red meat, or possibly chicken or turkey. Don't add prawns or shrimp.
  3. Pair Shiraz with anything Mexican. Mexican foods, like enchiladas or nachos, are a perfect pairing with shiraz wine. Mexican foods are full of cheese and spices, both complementary to Shiraz wine. You can pretty much be safe when ordering Shiraz with a Mexican dish… anything except Menudo (tripe soup).
  4. Don't Pair Shiraz with Fish. Because of its medium, sometimes bold body, the Shiraz will overpower your fish. Fish is very delicate, so it requires a lighter, more delicate wine (think riesling). When you are pairing wine and food you generally want to think about balance. While it is possible to create an enjoyable flavor contrast, this is more difficult.



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