Shoot A Skip Shot In Water Polo

To shoot a skip shot in water polo, you require technique. Water polo takes an enormous amount of stamina, strength and coordination. Shooting a water polo ball takes a great deal of control. The skip shot is a great way keep the goalie off guard and put the ball in the back of the net.

To shoot a skip shot in water polo, you will need:

  • Water polo ball
  • Water polo team
  • Water polo opponent
  • Water polo net
  • Water polo pool
  1. The skip shot in water polo is designed to take the goalie by surprise. The shot can also misdirect the goalie and confuse them based on the shot and trajectory. Of course, the term is based on skipping the ball or skimming the ball over the top of the water (similar to skipping a rock).
  2. One approach to a skip shot is providing reverse English. A reverse English entails putting backspin on the ball as it is released from your hand. To do this, grip the water polo ball as normal but as you throw the ball allow it to roll off the backward. You need to hold the ball as you make your delivery underneath it. This will produce a backspin that will actually slow the ball down as it skips off the water.
  3. The other approach is to provide a front spin on the water polo ball. The delivery is the same. Only this time, you will palm the ball and deliver with your hand over the of of the ball. This will create a forward spin, and when the ball skips off the water surface, it will increase in speed. The increase in speed is meant to throw off the goalie and shoot the ball past him before he can react.
  4. Both approaches require a clear shooting lane. Keep the delivery in mind. You want the backspin delivery to appear as if you are thrusting the ball with all your might. The illusion will move the goalie in the shot direction with the hope the tae skip will take the ball in the opposite direction. Or allow a player to move in and deflect the shot into goal. The opposite holds true for the forward skip shot.
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