Shopping Cart Hero 2 Cheats

The following Shopping Cart Hero 2 cheats are detailed for your convenience and you can choose to use them any time you wish for gaining valuable gaming experience.  In this mind boggling game, you must strive to make your hero win by surmounting all the odds. The shopping cart is added to make the game highly interesting. The game does tend to get tedious down the lane but then there are exclusively crafted out cheats to help you come out unscathed. 

  1. Unlocking the Hand Stand. To activate this cheat code in Shopping Cart, you must press "Up", then "Right" in tandem with "Down" in order to gain control over the locked collectibles. This is quite a helpful code.
  1. Superman. Soon after the game starts, press "Up", then "Left" with "Down" and you have the Superman activated which helps you have an upper hand on your enemies.
  1. Earn More Money. While the game progresses, when you have the bat, try hitting grass patches when you land. Every hit gives you $25 which is a huge amount. This is an effective cheat code in Shopping Cart.
  1. Earn More Points. The bat can also be used to hit out at the space shuttle that looms overhead. You can use the jump to reach out to the space shuttle. This will earn you a staggering 500 points.
  1. Save Money.  Instead of going in for individual purchases, you can opt to buy a complete set of three rockets and then buy a dumpster. After the launch pad is ready, you can look to buy the fourth powerful rocket too. This is an effective money saving tactic in the game..
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