Shortest Game In Wimbledon History

The shortest game in Wimbledon history may not be a game many remember, but Tommy Ho will remember it forever. In 1995, Brett Steven and Tommy Ho were matched up against Cristian Brandi and Marcos Ondruska in the year's third grand slam. They had high expectations that year to show everyone just how fine tuned their skills really were. Unfortunately, as everyone saw, sometimes a simple mistake or a wrong turn can cost you the win, but reward you with the shortest game in Wimbledon history.

The sun was up, the stands packed, and four players stood on the court ready to swing their way to victory. Brett Steven and Tommy Ho were hoping to impress and take home a win. Both were players known for their skill and their up and coming careers. Brett Steven thew up his ball and hit a great serve at the opponent which they returned straight at Tommy Ho. Tommy Ho turned and the ball hit him straight in the back. The ball, unfortunately, hit its target of Tommy Ho and injured Tommy's back so bad the game was over before it even began. Two swings, two hits and one very quickly played game. The hit took out Tommy and gave him an injury he had trouble returning from.

For those playing, it will be a game remembered in all time as the shortest time on the court. There will be other short matches that are remembered for the quick way the game was won, or the intensity of the swings, but none will compare to the simple mistake that ended the game for Tommy and Brett. At least they can say they were there, that they stood against their opponent and that they left with pride in their hearts. For athletes, that's all we can ask of them, that they tried. The rest of it is just part of the game.



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