Shortest Passover Seder

Are you looking for tips and tricks to having the shortest Passover Seder ever? For anyone who loves the Jewish tradition, shortening a Passover seder is a sacrilege but, in today's hustle and bustle world, a four hour dinner, complete with a full reading of the Haggadah (the book of Passover) is a bit much. By following the tips below, you too can hold the shortest Passover seder.

  1. Skip a few food courses. Passover dinner is, by tradition, served in courses. There's the tradition of passing trays of gefilte fish and horseradish, pouring bowls of egg soup (it sounds bad but, once a year, it's delicious), matzoh ball soup follows, along with sliced brisket and even a roasted chicken sometimes thrown in the mix. If your crowd is not hip on the gefilte fish or the egg soup, just skip it. You can still put offer these delicious dishes for those who wish to partake, but it may not be necessary to have separate courses. And, less courses means less dishes to do too!
  2. Skip to the best parts of the Haggadah. The four questions, usually read or sung by the youngest member of the dining group, really cannot be skipped, they're the essence of Passover. But, you can probably skip the part in the Haggadah that talk about what the various Rabbis comments upon or said, etc. After the four questions are read/sung, and all the oohs and ahhs subside, skip on over to the listing of the plagues, another important part of the story. And, don't forget to drink a few glass of wine for good measure.
  3. If there are no young children at the table, consider skipping the hiding of the Afikomen. The Afikomen is a nice tradition where a piece of matzoh is cracked in two, and one half is hidden until later in the dinner, usually around dessert time. Any children present usually search high and low for the Afikomen in order to present it to the head of the household who must pay to get it back. If there are no young children at table, you can easily skip this fun tradition although it is a nice way to get an extra few bucks in your pocket.

With a little creativity and some understanding family members, you too can find ways to have the shortest Passover Seder, although, really, the traditional Passover Seder is so beautiful, you might want to have a full version next year.

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