Shortness Of Breath Causes

Shortness of breath causes can derive from many different factors. Being short of breath is very frightening and can happen at any time. There are many individuals who have experienced a shortness of breath at some point in their lives. Some causes can be life threatening and can lead to death if medical attention is not received immediately. There are some physically activities that may cause a person to feel a little short of breath. Below is a list of the different reasons a person may experience short of breath.

  1. Anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergy reaction to certain foods, bites, pollen or other types of materials. Anaphylaxis can cause shortness of breath and can lead to death if a person does not act quickly and get the medical attention needed.
  2. Asthma. Asthma is a well-known cause for shortness of breath. It affects millions of people each year. Asthma can be triggered at any time and by an allergic reaction to something in the air.
  3. Chest injuries. Chest injuries can also cause a person to feel short of breath. A blunt force to the chest from an object can quickly cause a person to feel as if they can not catch their breath good.
  4. Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a severe and dangerous cause of shortness of breath. Gas stoves, dryers and fireplace are just some of the things that produce carbon monoxide. It is difficult to detect carbon monoxide poisoning without a detector put into the home. You will also need to have medical test done to determine whether or not you have been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease also know as COPD is a severe and condition of the lungs that cause a person to have short of breath. The condition will cause the person to have trouble moving air in and out of their lungs. Smoking tobacco for a long period of time is a known cause for COPD.
  6. Collapsed lung. Individuals who have a collapsed lung experience episodes of shortness of breath. This is caused because the lining of the lungs is pulled away from the chest wall. A collapsed lung can occur after a severe chest injury happens.
  7. Congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is a very serious condition that can cause a person to feel like they cannot breath easily. The heart cannot pump enough blood to meet your body's needs with this condition. The condition can be life threatening and has to be treated by a medical profession.
  8. Heart attack. Heart attacks can cause a person to feel as if they cannot catch their breath. You may find yourself trying to take a deep breath but have difficulty doing so. You may also experience other pain in your back and arms.
  9. Hyperventilation. Hyperventilation Syndrome is usually not a life threatening condition. It can be scary, but does not require immediate medical attention. Hyperventilation can be caused by many different factors. Calming down and taking small breaths can help with hyperventilating.
  10. Deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis is a very serious condition. DVT is a blood clot which is located in a vein beneath the skin. It can cause shortness of breath depending upon where the blood clot begins to form. Prompt medical treatment is needed if this condition is suspected.
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