Shot Drinking Games: 5 Best

Shot drinking games, five best or not, can be fun on their own, but playing shot drinking games can also lead to even more laughs and an overall good time. If you’ve never played any shot drinking games, don’t fret. Many common games such as poker, chess, checkers and tic-tac-toe have introduced shot glasses to replace pieces on the board such as pawns.

  1. Shot glass poker. The game of shot glass poker consists of substituting poker chips for shot glasses. The shot glasses will be used as betting chips. The game will be played as usual and bets will keep rolling in. As with many card shot drinking games, the person who ends up with the worst hand has to drink the pot.
  2. Shot glass chess. Shot glass chess is played like normal chess except for one little drunken detail. Each time one of your pieces on the board is captured, you must drink one shot. Shot glass chess is a one of those shot drinking games that become more fun the longer you play and the more you drink.
  3. Shot glass checkers. Shot glass checkers is played with shot glasses in place of the traditional black and red checker pieces. There should be two different colored sets of shot glasses so shot glass mix ups is not a problem. Each time one of your checkers is jumped and captured, you must drink that shot.
  4. Shot glass tic-tac-toe. Shot glass tic-tac-toe is simple, but can make you become overly intoxicated fairly quickly. Play a regular game of tic-tac-toe with a friend. Whoever loses the game has to drink a shot. For those individuals looking to make these shot drinking games more interesting, replace the markers with shots and have the loser drink the three shots that won the game.
  5. Shot glass quarters. One of the more popular party shot drinking games is the shot glass quarters game. Players sit around a table and flip quarters to try to bounce them into a cup in the center of the table. If the player makes the shot, they are able to make another player drink half a shot. If the player fails, they pass on to the next player. If a quarter lands in another shot glass, the owner of the glass must take a full shot.
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