Shoulder Surgery Recovery Time

If you had a shoulder injury, you should learn about shoulder surgery recovery time. Your doctor will try other methods before suggesting surgery, like rest and activity modification. Unfortunately, surgery can be the only option for injuries that don't respond to other treatments. Recovery time from shoulder surgery depends on many factors like what kind of shoulder injury you have, what kind of surgery you have and your general health. Generally, you will also need physical therapy after shoulder surgery.

Many shoulder injuries are a result of overuse. Some examples include sports like swiming or baseball, or other activities like weightlifting. Tendinitis is a common overuse injury that can result in shoulder surgery. Other shoulder injuries that require surgery can include rotator cuff injuries, like parial or complete tears, bursitis or dislocated shoulders.

Arthroscopy is a type of minimally invasive surgical procudure, where a small incision is made and the doctor can use the images from the anthroscope to look at the shoulder instead of making a traditional incision. Arthroscopy can reduce recovery time from shoulder surgery and also reduce the amount of time spent in the hospital after surgery. Anthroscopy shoulder surgery can even be performed on an out-patient basis.

Some shoulder surgeries are done with open surgeries. Open surgery is a more invasive surgical procedure during which the shoulder joint is completely opened up. Some people who have open shoulder surgery have to remain in the hospital for a few days after the procudure. Both surgical procedures require that you have assistance during your recovery time.



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