Shoulder Tattoos For Guys

These types of  shoulder tattoos for guys are some of the most standard. Most men choose their shoulder as the canvas for their first tattoo. Shoulder tattoos can be expanded down the arm, onto the back and even on to the chest. Or the tattoo can remain a single art piece.

  1. Animals are the perfect choice for a shoulder tattoo for a guy. Lions, tigers, bears, or anything else from the animal kingdom that comes to mind will look perfect on your shoulder.
  2. Names that are encased in a heart, a cross, or vines are another excellent choice. However remember that tattoos are either forever or very expensive to have removed. So choose the names you decide to have put on your body carefully with this in mind.
  3. Religious symbols are clean cut choices for a shoulder tattoo. Choose designs that are simple or elaborate for a religious symbol.
  4. Zodiac signs are under controversy right now as to what sign you really are. Zodiac signs as shoulder tattoos are a safe choice because they will never truly change. If you are a Leo now and follow the Leo astrology you will remain a Leo.
  5. Mythical creatures often take center stage as shoulder tattoos. Dragons, wizards, and warlocks are popular choices but the possibilities are truly endless.

Shoulder tattoos are popular choices for men. They are easily hidden and they can be easily shown off. Whether your shoulder tattoo will be in black and white or in color make it your masterpiece that you will be proud to wear for the rest of your life.  

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