Show Dog Grooming Supplies

Show dog competitions can be fierce, and only those with the proper show dog grooming supplies will have the necessary equipment to turn their best friend into a show dog winner. Top quality products and portability are the two main factors to consider when looking for the best show dog grooming supplies.

  1. B-Air Grizzly portable air dryer. The B-Air Grizzly dryer has a 1/3 horsepower motor with three speeds and four positions. Its compact size and light weight makes it easy to transport to your hotel or the backstage area of any dog show competition. It is priced around $250 at most pet stores and dog grooming specialty shops.
  2. Midwest portable grooming table. The Midwest brand dog grooming supplies are well-known for their high quality as pet products. The table features a plywood construction that is rigid and sturdy. It also has a non-slip rubber covering and legs that lock to keep your pet safe while getting prepared for the next dog show. The portable table comes in three different sizes and retails for under $100.
  3. Oster Turbo A5 dog clippers. All Oster dog grooming supplies are professional grade. Most professional dog groomers use the Oster brand because it is easy to use and long lasting. The blades that come with the Oster clippers are Cryogen-X with antimicrobials to minimize the growth of bacteria on the dog’s skin and in its fur. Oster clippers are priced around $200.
  4. Millers Forge dog grooming brushes and combs. There are many styles and sizes of dog brushes and combs on the market these days. Millers Forge is one of the most used brands of dog grooming supplies at dog show competitions. Fluffing and brushing your dog’s fur is the only way that he will look his best and win first prize. The Millers brushes and combs are rust-resistant and hygienic. They can remove dust, dirt and mats from dogs with long or short fur.
  5. Peticure dog grooming nail file. When looking for the right show dog grooming supplies, consider the cordless Peticure nail file. The motor is quiet, and the safe guard covering will prevent your pet’s fur from getting caught in the nail file wheel. It is easy to use and helps you avoid damaging the quick in the nail, which causes bleeding and pain to your pet. The Peticure file sells for about $80. It can be found online and at most dog grooming stores.
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