Shower Chairs For Elderly

With the very last of our Baby Boomers reaching middle age, there are a lot of new items on the market to help with growing older – that's where shower chairs for the elderly come in. Statistically speaking, most falls for the elderly occur in the bathroom. I'm not sure if that's because of slippery floors or the fact that that's where the elderly spend a lot of their time! Regardless, getting and installing a shower chair for the elderly will at least secure their safety in the shower.

  1. One of the most popular shower chairs for the elderly are called transfer benches. If your elderly loved one has to step into a higher enclosure, like over the side of a bath tub, this is probably the best shower chair on the market. A transfer bench sits half in and half out of the tub. The idea of the transfer bench is that the elderly just sits down and scoots over without having to balance while stepping over the tub. A transfer bench will also save the back of any caregiver tasked with showering the elderly.
  2. Another popular shower chair is a regular shower bench. These work best inside a shower enclosure that only has a small step to cross. A shower bench still has a back to it which adds additional support but is smaller in size than a transfer bench.
  3. For the smallest of showers, a shower bench might be too big. That's where a shower stool comes in. More compact that its cousins the transfer bench or shower bench, a shower stool is just a stool without a back. A shower stool is only advised for shower enclosures that are very compact. Look for rotating shower stools for aiding in getting out of the shower.
  4. There's one more type of shower chair for the elderly which is worth mentioning. That's the portable shower bench. This item fits over the sides of the tub and has no legs. The elderly person just steps into the tub and sits down on the portable shower bench. This type of shower chair for the elderly should only be used if the other three do not suit the purpose.
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