Side Effects Of Extenze

Being aware of the side effects of Extenze helps you make an informed decision about your use of the supplement. Extenze is a herbal remedy that is supposed to help you achieve bigger erections and increase sexual pleasure by increasing your blood flow. Extenze is classified as a herbal supplement, so the side-effects and actual effectives of the pill have not be evaluated by the FDA.

  1. Main Ingredients. Extenze is made of herbs, vitamins and other supplements. Zinc and folic acid are included in an amount high enough to fulfill your recommended daily intake, while DHEA and pregnenolone are added as herbal hormone "boosters." Black pepper, ginger root and piper longum are for boosting body systems. Several different types of herbs believed to support sexual health, response and simulation are found in Extenze, such as stinging nettle, pumpkin seeds and horny goat weed. You may experience an allergic reaction as a side effect if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Extenze.
  2. Dosage. Extenze is supposed to be taken once a day as part of your vitamin regiment.  Biotab Nutraceuticials Inc., the makers of Extenze, direct the pills should still be taken after your desired length is reached to maintain the effects. Taking Extenze more than once a day may increase your risk of side effects.
  3. Reported Side Effects. Although Biotab Nutraceuticials, Inc., maintains there are no known side-effects with Extenze, side-effects have been reported by users. Extenze increases the blood flow in the body, so your blood pressure may also become too high as a result. If you have heart problems, Extenze may put you at risk for further complications. Some users have had trouble digesting some of the ingredients found in Extenze, like constipation, gas and abdominal pain and cramping. Insomnia and dizziness may result due to the increase in your heart rate.
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