Side Effects Of Prince Albert Body Piercing

For those thinking about getting one, finding out the side effects of Prince Albert body piercing is essential. Most body piercings come with certain risks no matter where they’re at. But the fact that the Prince Albert piercing is in such a sensitive, personal area adds a great deal of importance to realizing its possible side effects. So before you rush out the door to get one, take a look at what is likely to come along with a Prince Albert.

  1.  The location of your body piercing will likely affect bodily function. To put it plainly, expect to urinate in weird directions after the getting a Prince Albert. Its location often affects the flow of urine through your urethra. It’s recommended that you either have a big toilet bowl or are willing to spend a pretty penny on a urinal to avoid continual cleanup.
  2. In case you haven’t yet noticed, your penis is pretty sensitive. Putting steel through it isn’t going to feel awesome initially. Though the pain does subside, you can reasonably expect the affected area to be hypersensitive for a little while after you get a Prince Albert body piercing.
  3. You’ll need to take extra care to avoid further damage around the site of your Prince Albert. Tearing of the skin around the site is entirely possible after you get it. According to a study conducted by the British Journal of Medical Practitioners, 7% of men with a genital piercing experienced rips and tears around the site.
  4. Depending on how clean you are, the risk of infection is a possibility with this type of body piercing. A Prince Albert is not really something you can leave in and forget about for long periods of time. Not keeping the site clean can result in bacterial growth in the affected area. In the aforementioned study, 3% of men reported infections at the site, and 2% contracted a urinary tract infection from their piercing.
  5. Safe sex can be complicated by a Prince Albert body piercing. In the same British Journal of Medical Practitioners study, a full 5% of men with one reported problems with using the most popular birth control device on earth. Naturally, the extra weight at the head of your penis increases the risk of condom damage and even breakage during sex. Expect the need to take extra care in order to practice sex safely after getting the piercing.
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