Side Stroke Swimming Technique

Side stroke swimming technique is easy to learn and can be a nice relaxing way to get back and forth across the pool. This isn't the type of stroke that you want to use for competition. The side stroke swimming technique is for relaxing, chatting with a friend while you swim, or just getting in a light workout.

  1. Lay on your side in the water. The entire side stroke swimming technique takes place while you are on your side. As you are learning, just try to keep yourself afloat any way possible so that you can practice the different movements.
  2. Move your lower arm to the side stroke swimming technique. The arms that is completely underwater is going to reach out in front of you. Then, tilting your wrist, you are going to scoop the water towards your body. This helps you with the forward motion.
  3. At the same time, the other arm moves to the side stroke swimming technique. Just as the arm that is completely in the water is pulling water towards your body, the other arm is going to meet that hand and continue to push the water down towards your feet. Many people describe this as if you are holding an apple. The top hand brings the apple to the “basket” and your other hand puts the apple and basket on the ground.
  4. Your feet move like scissors. For the side stroke swimming technique you move your feet like scissors. As your legs move, most of the movement comes from the knees down. Push your ankles together to create forward motion in the water.
  5. Put everything together. Certain actions of the side stroke swimming technique all take place at the same time. Begin with your body in a straight line: one arm extended in front, the other arm (the “top” arm down by your side) and your legs together. At the same time, extend your legs (like an open pair of scissors) and use the arm underwater to begin pushing the water in front of you towards your body.
  6. Kick and pull at the same time. As you push your legs together, you are going to take the upper hand and move the water towards your feet. The side stroke swimming technique is a rest-pull, kick-rest motion.

You can lay your head on your shoulder or keep it upright while you are going through the side stoke swimming technique.

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