Signs Of Emotional Cheating

Signs of emotional cheating may be easier to spot than physical cheating. Often, when only a person’s feelings are involved, she may feel that she is not cheating, so she may not be covering her tracks very well. She is not having a physical relationship with someone else yet, so it seems okay. It’s not; actually, it can be worse. The person doing the emotional cheating feels she is not doing anything wrong and probably will continue, leaving the door wide open for the possibility of it becoming a physical relationship.

  1. You notice a sudden change in appearance. Emotional cheating may be the culprit. If he wasn’t concerned about his weight and now he is, he may be trying to look more attractive for someone else. Of course it’s possible it can be for you, but if he changes the type of clothes he is wearing and gets a new hairstyle while trying to look younger, and you were fine with the way he looked and dressed, there may be cause for concern.
  2. You feel emotionally unattached to your partner. Communication is not what it used to be and she seems distant. She would rather be alone than to talk with you, and she hardly seem to have time for you anymore.
  3. He spends too much time on his cell phone. Is he taking phone calls outside? If that's what he normally does, don't be concerned, but if it’s something that just started going on and there is a lot of texting back and forth, pay more attention. There might be some emotional cheating going on.
  4. Her mood changes around you. Another of the signs of emotional cheating is if she becomes short or emotional with you very easily for no reason. It may even seem intentional so she can have a reason to leave the room and get on her phone or the computer.
  5. He spends a lot of time on the computer. Perhaps he is on the computer and never wants you to see what he is doing, or exits off whatever he is doing when you enter the room. If he would rather be on the computer than spend intimate time with you, it’s possible he is making an emotional connection with someone else.
  6. Lying is becoming a big problem. If she is getting phone calls and text messages all hours of the night and telling you it’s just a friend, but won't let you see the number. Maybe she doesn't answer her phone because she knows she can't speak freely. Emotional cheating may be taking over.
  7. One of the noticeable signs of emotional cheating is if he becomes extremely private.  He has put a password on his phone and computer when he  didn’t have one before, so you want know if any cheating is going on. If you pay attention, you will notice how someone on the phone talks to the opposite sex. A man will talk with a woman in a lower voice, not loudly like when talking with another man and may have a sneaky smile on his face.A woman may play with her hair  or clothes and have a big grin on her face. Body language can tell you a lot about what type of conversation someone is having without you even hearing it.
  8. You see a noticeable reaction from your partner when she comes across that person while the two of you are out. If you are trying to have an intimate evening with your significant other and you notice that she keeps glancing to see what that other person is doing, it is possible that at least some emotional cheating is going on.

It isn't a good idea to spy on your mate because that would definitely indicate a lost of trust, and trust is important in a relationship. However, if you feel there is a drastic change in  your mate's behavior and possibly some emotional cheating is going on, you should try to prevent it from going any farther. Confront her and let her know how it affects you. Whe may not truly realize it’s causing a problem in the relationship and may be willing stop.

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