Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction

While most men have trouble in bed from time to time, persistent difficulties could be signs of erectile dysfunction. When a man has erectile dysfunction, he cannot sustain an erection, or in some cases, get an erection, in order to have sex. It is a frustrating condition for many men, but fortunately, it can be treated.

Since all men occasionally have trouble getting or keeping an erection, the signs of erectile dysfunction go beyond whether or not a man can perform in bed. If he cannot get an erection on a regular basis, he should examine other areas of his life to see if the signs of erectile dysfunction are there. For instance, heart problems and clogged arteries as well as difficulty getting an erection are often signs of erectile dysfunction.

Other diseases are also linked to erectile dysfunction in men. A man with diabetes, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis may also experience sexual impotence or the inability to have satisfying sex. Anything that affects blood flow in a man's body combined with erection problems may be a sign of erectile dysfunction.

Some men experience erectile dysfunction because of unhealthy habits. Obese men are more likely to have the condition, as are men who smoke, use drugs or drink too much alcohol, since the chemicals can damage blood vessels or restrict blood flow. A drop in sexual desire or in sexual frequency is often another sign of erectile dysfunction in men.

Any man who thinks he is suffering from erectile dysfunction should talk to his doctor and be prepared to answer personal questions about his erections and sex life. In many cases, your doctor can get to the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction and may prescribe medication or coping techniques to help you recover.

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