Signs Of Mono

The Epstein Barr Virus (EPV) causes Mono, but not everyone with EBV has the signs of mono. Mono is also referred to the “kissing disease.”This means that you get the virus from the saliva, not actually by kissing only. You can also get this virus by sharing a glass with someone infected or by someone coughing or sneezing on you. Mono is the nickname for the disease called mononucleosis. There are many signs of mono that are exactly like the flu, so you must be tested to be sure. The blood test you will need is called Monospot.

  1. Fatigue, Malaise and Weakness. One of the first signs of mono is fatigue, weakness and malaise. The feeling of weakness will become more intense as the disease progresses. Some may be so weak that even going to the bathroom will be extremely difficult.
  2. Sore Throat and Fever. Like with the flu, signs of mono include sore throat and fever. If you have mono you will typically have continual flu symptoms that never want to go away. Many times patients with mono will have the disease for a long time, as many doctors “assume” it is a simple flu or cold. Only with a blood test can you be sure.
  3. Swollen Lymph Glands. Swollen lymph glands can be a sign of many diseases including cancer.  A sign of mono is swollen lymph glands however. If you notice that you have flu like symptoms and swollen lymph glands, please see a physican right away.
  4. Swollen Tonsils. Sore throat is a sign of mono and that sore throat may be accompanied by swollen tonsil. Usually mono will have a throat infection that needs to be taken care of. People with mono need lots of rest and plenty of vitamins.
  5. Headache. When you put all the signs of mono together you will soon find out that they indeed mimic the flu. The next sign of mono to consider is headache. Headaches come in many forms and can be remedied with a cold cloth to the forehead and minor pain medicines.
  6. Skin Rash. Skin rash is a minor sign of mono and is not common with everyone who has Epstein Barr Virus or mono. If you notice a skin rash, have the rash checked out by your doctor. The skin rash may look like the measles and there is currently no medicine recommended for mono. There are some natural medicines that have success though, such as the use of olive leaf.
  7. Loss of Appetite. Loss of appetite is a common sign with mono. People with mono must have protein in their diet. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, make sure you are getting lots of protein in some form. You also need lots of fluids and rest.
  8. Chills. Chills are another sign of mono and people with mono need to stay warm. Make sure to wear additional warm clothing and stay away from very cold drinks. As you get better, the signs of chills and flu like symptoms will go away, but this could take weeks and months.
  9. Swollen Spleen.  A swollen spleen is a sign of mono that can cause you some of the worse problems. A swollen spleen will affect about 50 percent of the people with mono and is sometimes referred to as the largest of the lymph nodes. A swollen spleen can lead to complications if the spleen is injured in any way.  You should not do any heavy exercises that may cause you to accidentally run up against a corner of a desk or a table and puncture the spleen.
  10. Depression. If you ask anyone with mono what there worse sign was, they would say depression. Some with mono get so depressed that they need to take some anti-depression medicine. People with mono are bed ridden in many cases and feelings of suicide may occur. If you know of anyone with mono, make sure to support them and guide them through this disease that will improve over time.
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