Signs Of Trichomoniasis In Men

Curious about signs of Trichomoniasis in men? Trichomoniasis, also known as Trich, is an infection with a flagellated protozoan parasite known as Trichomonas vaginalis. Contracting Trich varies for men and women. Men are only able to contract the infection from vaginal intercourse with an affected woman. The parasite can live in objects such like towels, sheets and clothing and can cause infection non-sexually in both men and women.

Trich is a hard diagnosis because most people show no signs of being infected. For those who do show signs of Trich, the symptoms are different between men and women and are much harder to detect in men. Symptoms can show up as soon as day three of infection or take as long as 28 days after infection to show up. The following are signs of Trichomoniasis in men.  

  1. Men may notice unusual penile discharge. This discharge is different from normal premature sperm secretions. A doctor will take a sample of the discharge for testing.
  2. Painful urination or burning after ejaculation are also signs of Trichomoniasis in men. This can be mistaken for a urinary tract infection. Testing should be done to determine if the sensations are caused by a urinary tract infection or Trich. Increasing one’s fluid intake will not ease the painful urination.
  3. Tingling inside the penis is also another sign of Trich that men may experience after infection. The tingling sensation is a sign of Trichomoniasis in men and should not be confused with the sensations of arousal. This is a persistent and uncomfortable tingling sensation in the head or shaft of the penis.




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