Silent Hunter 3 Fatigue Cheat

The "Silent Hunter 3” fatigue cheat is a welcome addition to players who want a little added realism in their video games. “Silent Hunter 3” strives for realism, but there are a couple of glaring factors that make the game a complete hassle and interfere with the fun. The fatigue cheat actually refers to two mods available for download. You can easily find either one with a quick search. Just look for either "No Fatigue Mod"(Also known as "Crew Vitamins" and "The Anti Fatigue Mod') or "Milk Cow Mod".

  1. Lazy crew. If you have logged any serious time in your U-Boat, you already know your crew is pretty damn lackadaisical for guys fighting tooth-and-nail to win a war. They get tired, start whining and their production goes down. You find yourself screaming like a crazy person at your computer as they slowly load a torpedo while the water starts seeping in. This inept crew is incredibly frustrating when the Brits are dumping depth charges and Heinz decides he needs a nap. You would think the adrenaline from the fear of a watery grave would be adequate motivation, but these guys do not care. This is why some clever guy created the “Silent Hunter 3” fatigue cheat known as the "No Fatigue Mod."
  2. No Fatigue Mod. The "No Fatigue Mod" is not like giving your crew drugs and expecting them to race around like tweakers and never sleep. This “Silent Hunter 3” fatigue cheat only allows what the German navy expected; eight hours of service per crew member before nighty-night time. No more two hours of work and then a nap. This is not Congress. This is war.
  3. Limited range. The other “Silent Hunter 3” fatigue cheat refers to your U-Boat. Yes, even your U-Boat gets tired because for some reason or another the developers never bothered to add re-supply ships. Not only is that historically inaccurate, it is a huge hassle to finally locate a freight convey and have to turn back because you are out of gas. Much like your sleepy crew, it makes something fun turn into a nightmare of micro-management. Hence, the "Milk Cow Mod."
  4. Milk Cow Mod. This “Silent Hunter 3” fatigue cheat is debatable because players got used to keeping their ports in mind when they set out on missions. Some like it and some do not. But historically speaking, the Germans were pretty good at maintaining their supply lines, and U-Boats were definitely restocked at sea to keep them in attack mode. That is all this cheat does. "Milk Cow Mod" also makes “Silent Hunter 3” a little less tedious. Long, drawn out pauses were common in submarine warfare, but in a video game simulation it is nice to be able to travel at full speed towards you destination without fretting about fuel consumption.    


  • As with any mod, always backup any original files before you replace them.
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